The New Small Cell Location Marketplace Disrupting the Business of Network Infrastructure Deployment

The demand for cellular data is exploding. Driven by the rise of smartphones, streaming, and the expanding Internet of Things, mobile traffic is expected to grow seven-fold by 2019, according to Cisco.

To meet this insatiable demand for data, carriers are densifying current 4G networks and prepping the roll-out of next-generation 5G networks using a new type of technology. These small cells are similar to the nodes you see on cellular towers, but take up significantly less space, so they can be deployed on apartment roofs, inside shopping malls, on billboards, or other locations.

Consumers and carriers aren’t the only ones to benefit from the deployment of small cell technology – this is an incredible opportunity for property owners too. By monetizing their property through rental fees, owners can create entirely new revenue streams from existing assets.

But procuring the right kind of property assets for small cell deployments has been costly and time-consuming for both property owners and carriers. Carriers need to identify the appropriate billboards, buildings, and other physical structures situated near fiber networks. They use third parties who find the locations and negotiate with property owners, which costs them time and delays the flow of rental income to property owners.

For property owners and managers, it’s challenging dealing with the carriers. They have little experience navigating the often unwieldy negotiation and procurement process and there are simply too many hoops to jump through.

While technology can help calculate the right locations for these small cells, there hasn’t been an easy way to connect carriers and property owners at scale.

At least until now.



Introducing, Powered by TeleWorld Solutions is a new, secure online marketplace that connects mobile operators and property owners so they can quickly and simply buy and sell small cell installation locations. 

It uses interactive photos and maps, proprietary algorithms, and other information, so property owners can quickly market the details of their offerings, including features and price, to attract carrier interest. Carriers can browse and select the real estate assets they need – close to fiber optic resources – for ideal small cell deployment.

Fast-Tracking Small Cell Deployments and Creating New Revenue Streams

With a powerful, interactive map-based interface, carriers can search and uncover key information about property asset sources nationwide (dimensions, features, pricing, distance to fiber, and more). Meanwhile, property owners can quickly market the details of their offerings, including features, price, and proximity to fiber, to attract carrier interest.

With property owners can effortlessly showcase the details of their offerings – large or small – to attract operator interest and open up significant new revenue streams. While carriers experience lower costs and accelerated deployments. It’s a simple solution to a big challenge and a win for property owners, carriers, and ultimately all Americans as we transition to faster 4G and incredible new 5G networks. We’re very proud to have made it possible.

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Shervin Gerami


TeleWorld Solutions