Shervin Gerami


Shervin Gerami, CEO

Shervin Gerami is not your typical CEO. Sure, he trained at Harvard and Wharton. Yes, he oversees day-to-day-operations at TeleWorld Solutions and leads the company’s product and service development strategy departments. And, of course, he’s a proven entrepreneur, having previously founded and grown three companies in the IT, Internet, and Enterprise Mobility sectors, and been named an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist by Ernst & Young.

But Shervin is also a disruptor. When he sees the old way of doing things no longer works, he’s quick to find a solution that fits the new world. In creating, he has turned traditional telecom site acquisition on its head. He’s unafraid to shake things up when status-quo no longer works. And he’s just getting started.

Aside from all of that, Shervin can also bring the beat. He integrates elements into his EDM tracks in the same way he plans and navigates business, ensuring that the baseline is the best it can be, and layering in the sounds one-by-one to create a sick composition. In the boardroom, his baseline comprises stellar people. He layers in an open-minded approach to problem solving, a keen understanding of operator challenges, and deep technical and business expertise. Ultimately, he composes customer solutions unlike anything else offered by other wireless integrators.

In addition to harboring an uncommon and at times unsettling ability to create an analogy out of just about anything, he also collects superheroes. Does he see himself as Superman, Batman, or the Incredible Hulk? You’ll have to ask him yourself.


Sales & Business Development

Robert Fuchs

Senior Vice President, Solutions and Partners

Robert Fuchs, Senior Vice President, Solutions and Partners

Robert has a deep history in wireless and networked communications, beginning more than 20 years ago when he served as advanced engineering support for Comcast Metrophone, which is known today by the less-wieldy name AT&T. Today, Robert is the Senior Vice President of Solutions and Partners for TeleWorld Solutions, leveraging the company’s design, engineering, testing, and analysis offerings to provide value-rich solutions for clients.

Robert has a knack for developing client relationships in the communications industry. He’s worked as a consultant and has been a team member at Sprint, Nextel and Omnipoint Communications (then T-Mobile). Robert is also a certified mixologist and part-time home brewer. Ask him about his theory on the origination of ancient civilizations while he whips up a concoction, Tom Cruise Cocktail-style. Just don’t ask him to cheer for that Washington football team – he’s an Eagles fan all the way.


Bhupinder Mann

Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology

Bhupinder Mann, LTE, VoLTE Optimization, Dimensioning, and Analytics

Bhupinder takes care of end-to-end RF engineering services for TeleWorld—everything from standardization, network design, optimization, and capacity forecasting to HetNet strategy and design. He also manages the development of customized solutions for clients, including SON validation, capacity dimensioning and forecasting, and HetNet deployment and optimization.

Prior to joining the TeleWorld team, Bhupinder designed network solutions at Clearwire, Sprint, and Motorola. Not only does he have serious engineering chops; on a coffee or tea break (black with two sugars, please), he will talk your ear off about cricket and soccer (Germany and Borussia Dortmund). Think that’s funny, do you? Good luck trying to make him laugh.

Jong-Hak Jung

Vice President, Design, Optimization, and Simulation

Jonghak Jung, Design, Optimization, and Simulation

At TeleWorld Solutions, Jong-Hak Jung leads the engineering team focused on designing, building, and supporting 3G and 4G networks nationwide. He has more than a decade of experience in network design, optimization, and standardization in wireless, gained from positions at Sprint and Clearwire after graduating from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with an M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering.

Though Jong-Hak loves network design, stick an Arnold Palmer in front of him and he’ll gladly regale you of his latest outing on the links, which was “too long ago to remember” (last weekend) where he really didn’t do “that well” (10 over par).

Scott Robertson

Vice President, DAS, Wi-Fi, Small Cells, and Enterprise

Scott Robertson, DAS, Wi-Fi, Small Cells, and Enterprise

Scott is the leadership team’s “Jack of All Trades.” He has skills in engineering, project management, business development, and operational management. At the moment, he’s putting those skills to use by leading operations for TeleWorld Solutions’ turnkey DAS and Small Cell services and managing the company’s DAS deployment team.

Prior to joining TeleWorld Solutions, Scott spent 10 years with Sprint and Nextel Communications. His telecom experience spans a broad range of industry verticals and venue types in both the public and private sectors. But, to be honest, we’d rather have Scott cook us a meal and play us a song — he’s apparently composed more than two dozen of them.

Matt Dooley

Vice President, Technology, Benchmarking, Design, Capacity, Network Management

Matt Dooley, Technology, Benchmarking, Design, Capacity, Network Management

Matt works out of the Chicago office where he supports critical accounts and special projects. Matt brings more than 25 years of wireless experience to the team, including strategic planning, network deployment, vendor management, capacity planning, network design and optimization, and carrier certification for devices.

Matt gained most of his experience during an 18-year tenure at US Cellular. He loves Chicago sports (Blackhawks rule!) and Jeeps and vividly remembers when car phones were the height of wireless technological innovation (we secretly believe he’s keeping one in the closet, just for nostalgia’s sake).

*Leadership portraits courtesy of Ryan Dearth Photography