What’s better than more small cells? Smarter small cells.

When legacy networks reach capacity, small cells help relieve the congestion. But throwing wave after wave of poorly planned, poorly optimized small cells at a bandwidth problem is incredibly wasteful and inefficient.

That’s why we’re here—to help carriers, operators, and infrastructure vendors devise clearer, smarter strategies for their small cell deployments, and then to help build the systems, processes, and knowledge bases needed to manage and operate those deployments at scale.

When the solutions we need don’t exist yet—we’ll invent new ones.

TWS Mobility Intelligence, for instance, can turn billions of mobile data points into clear visualizations of user behavior, which helps us pinpoint target zones for small cell deployments with optimal spectral efficiency and utilization.

Once your small cells are active, we can help you assess the health of individual deployments, measure voice and data performance, and calculate business value and ROI. 

It’s all part of our unified approach to devising, deploying, optimizing, and operating small cell strategies—over one hundred thousand and counting.

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