The New Small Cell Location Marketplace Disrupting Wireless Network Infrastructure Deployment

Quickly buy and sell small cell installation locations to create new revenue streams, lower costs, and greatly accelerate network buildouts

Chantilly, VA, September 7, 2017 – Introducing, a secure online marketplace that connects mobile operators and property owners so they can quickly and easily buy and sell small cell installation locations.

To meet their insatiable, growing demand for network capacity, mobile operators are densifying their networks with small cells. This infrastructure shift does not require traditional cell towers. The reduced form factor of small cells opens up alternate attachment opportunities, including on apartment roofs, shopping centers, billboards, and other locations.

For mobile operators, the need to secure alternative asset rights extends to small cell, macrocell, C-RAN, O-DAS deployment and future 5G deployments. The process is time-consuming, frustrating and costly.

At the same time, property owners and managers have little experience and visibility into selling to the carrier community. is a new, secure online marketplace that marries the unique needs of each participant of the small cell ecosystem to create a simple, yet disruptive solution.

Powered by TeleWorld Solutions, uses an interactive mapping and photo-based interface that makes it possible for property owners nationwide to upload property listing information, receive suggested pricing based on proprietary algorithms, and market directly to the largest mobile operators in the U.S.

Mobile operators can search and uncover key information about property asset sources including dimensions, features, pricing, and distance to fiber. is a quick and powerful solution to today’s inefficient process of wireless network deployment,” said Shervin Gerami, chief executive officer, TeleWorld Solutions. “It is a huge win for property owners and mobile operators who will see new revenue streams, lower costs, and greatly accelerated 4G and 5G network deployments as a massive surge of high-speed connected devices and applications come online.”

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About is a disruptive, reverse-auction marketplace that connects mobile operators and willing property owners so they can quickly and simply buy and sell small cell and other wireless network component installation locations. Leveraging interactive photos and maps, proprietary algorithms, and other information, operators can browse and select the real estate assets they need – close to fiber optic resources – for ideal small cell deployment. Property owners can effortlessly market the details of their offerings – including features, price, and proximity to fiber – to attract operator interest and monetize their locations. reduces costs and fast-tracks small cell deployments to power the next-generation networks of tomorrow.

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