WIRELESS DESIGN MAG: Dialing Down Data Throttling

TeleWorld CEO Shervin Gerami shares his insights with Wireless Design & Development Magazine:

“Throttling.” When it comes to wireless data management, fewer words are met with such scorn by consumers. To them, throttling suggests operators are curbing wireless data speeds for their own nefarious purposes.

The truth is actually far more benevolent. Yes, wireless operators are throttling data for exceptionally heavy users – less than 1 percent of wireless subscribers, who may be consuming excessive amounts of data that’s unrealistic for any network to handle. Throttling is a tool that is being used to ensure that all of an operator’s users are able to enjoy the best possible experience. Just like in a restaurant buffet line, everyone can enjoy the same food, as long as there is not that one person sitting all day eating, which is against the fundamental model of the business. We can all agree that’s a good thing…

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