WIRED.COM: Four Technologies – and One Big Concern – That Will Influence Mobile in 2015

TeleWorld CEO Shervin Gerami shares his insights on Wired.com:

On New Year’s Eve, I’m willing to bet that you and someone close to you did some things together that made you truly connect — I’m willing to bet you exchanged texts or shared pictures via your smartphone. Maybe you posted them on a social network for your circle of friends to see. Perhaps you used a GPS system to get to wherever your friends might have gathered. And maybe, as penance for the night before, you got in a run on New Year’s Day, and wore a FitBit, Jawbone, or similar technology.

If you did any of this, you can probably acknowledge that mobile communications have truly infiltrated our lives. In fact, in 2014 we became more connected than ever before, with the number of global smartphone users growing to 1.75 billion…

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