rsz_screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-84403-amtest The New Small Cell Location Marketplace Disrupting the Business of Network Infrastructure Deployment

The demand for cellular data is exploding. Driven by the rise of smartphones, streaming, and the expanding Internet of Things, mobile…

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5G image

5G — In Addition to, Not Instead of?

Everyone is anticipating the advent of 5G, looking forward to ever-faster data speeds and the ability to transmit enormous amounts of…

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Here’s Why Operators are Embracing Virtualization

  In IT, the value proposition in moving to the cloud lies in the sharing of resources and creation of a…

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At Mobile World Congress, Attendees Were Buzzing About SDN, NFV and IoT

Shervin Gerami, CEO of TeleWorld Solutions, attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Feb. 22-25, an annual gathering for the telecommunications…

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Mobile World Congress - 1

Talking About the Role of the Digital Service Provider at Mobile World Congress

  Shervin Gerami, CEO of TeleWorld Solutions, attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Feb. 22-25, an annual gathering for the…

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Jong-hak analytics

Big Data Will Present Big Opportunities for Carriers in 2016

This blog is part of an ongoing series written by TeleWorld Solutions experts who are offering their perspectives on where things…

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Small Cell Engineers Roundtable Image

Engineers’ Roundtable: Small Cell Challenges

Small cells can be great for expanding wireless coverage and capacity, but there are certain challenges and considerations that come into…

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Need to Know About Small Cells

Why Considering a Small Cell Deployment is No Small Matter

As the physical landscape is built out with macro cells, operators are looking more often to small cell deployment to address…

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Partnerships Wifi Coverage

Valuing Wi-Fi When There is No Fee for Usage

  In my previous blog post, I outlined a high-level payback analysis for a small metro Wi-Fi project. In the analysis,…

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How To Measure Network ROI

Steps to Measure Wi-Fi Network ROI

In my last blog post I laid out a simple 2X2 chart to weigh different opportunities for operators building out their…

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Shervin IT skills

Going Virtual Means New Kinds of Skillsets – But From Where?

In my previous blog post, I discussed the need to test, test, and test again the components of the virtualized networks…

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Spectrum efficiency backdrop (1)

Engineers’ Roundtable: Spectrum Efficiency

In a previous blog post, some of TeleWorld’s top engineers discussed the challenges mobile operators face in virtualizing their networks. Today,…

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Virtualized Network Testing

Why Testing Your Network Virtualization Is So Critical

In my last blog post, I outlined the strategic thinking that must be invested in planning for network virtualization. But planning…

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Wi-Fi's Greener Pastures

Finding Greener Pastures for Wi-Fi Network Expansion

Most service providers are planning Wi-Fi networks. As a result, I spend a fair amount of time trying to convince companies…

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Speed of Technology Dooley Post Image

Virtualization From an Operator’s Perspective

Technology is changing so fast today, there’s no such thing as fully matured or fully deployed. This is as true for…

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Virt Engineer Roundtable Image

Engineers’ Roundtable: Virtualization Challenges

This is the first in a series of posts where we’ll ask our experts – top TeleWorld engineers – to provide…

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spruce-image (27)

LTE-U and LTE Multicast: Adoption Barriers and Opportunities

As I wrote in my previous post, LTE-U and LTE Multicast are about to usurp Wi-Fi’s position at the top of…

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spruce-image (25)

Steps to Take Toward Network Virtualization

One of the first questions I am asked by operators considering network virtualization is “What specific steps should I take to…

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spruce-image (26)

Wi-Fi’s Not Dead (Yet), But Operators Still Need to Prepare for Other Options

After sitting at the top of the heap for several years, Wi-Fi’s position as a leading connectivity tool is being threatened…

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The Network of Tomorrow

Three Trends Moving Wireless Networks Into the Future, and Three Strategies to Help Operators Get Ready

As operators prepare to enter the next phase of wireless networking, we’re beginning to see some very specific trends emerge. As…

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Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.54.14 PM

To Launch or Not to Launch VoLTE — Questions to Be Answered

Are you really ready to launch your VoLTE network? Yes, you’ve laid the groundwork with your LTE deployment. You’ve got your…

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3 strategies

Three Strategies to Implement Now to Improve Wireless Spectrum Efficiency

Whether it’s purchased by acquisition or at auction, there’s no doubt that spectrum is one of the most costly investments to…

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Wireless Audit

Don’t Run Away From a Wireless Network Audit

  The word “audit” typically conjures feelings of unease (especially around this time of year), but a wireless network audit is…

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Network Automation

Why Automation Might Be the Most Inefficient Network Optimization Strategy

Automating network optimization has become very much in vogue, particularly as operators continue to look for cost savings and increased efficiencies….

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